Your lovely kitchen pantry needs some maintenance, too!

Kitchen pantry maintenanceEntering a stylish and polished to brilliance kitchen makes a really nice impression. Everything seems in a great order and there is no single stain on the surfaces. Even the floors shine bright like a diamond and it feels like no one cooks here. Though, you observe a carefully prepared dinner with healthy products on a table that will be soon quickly cleared up. All of this sound like a dream and probably it is. We believe that even this kitchen might suffer from some dirty problem. What about the pantry? We are used to keep there everything and we are not used to cleanse it all. However, your lovely kitchen pantry needs some maintenance, too:

  • Grab the trash can and rearrange the objects in the pantry. Start emptying the shelves by removing the leftover remains, crumbs and cobwebs. There are also lots of herbs that are too dried and probably dead. Get rid of them, too.

  • How many canned food products can you actually store here? Can you make a simple calculation? You will see that there is no chance for your family to eat all the 20 cans with beans till the expiration period, which is next week. Simply donate some of these cans or feed your dog.

  • Spend 10 minutes per week to wipe the pantry with ordinary lukewarm soapy water. If you have professional home cleaners, remind them to check inside the pantry, too.

  • If you see places that are usually overloaded or too wet in the pantry, sprinkle some ammonia. Thus, you will prevent the mould and you will refresh the nice odour inside your favourite kitchen storage spot.

  • Create an organisation that will fit you. You know better than anyone else how often you use the pantry and what you get from there. Store all the items you do not need soon somewhere high or in a hard-to-be-reached place.

  • Avoid storing food with short expiration period and do not mix household items with clothes, pet supplies and drug products – especially if you live on rent. Otherwise, tenancy cleaning might ruin your life, when you get to the pantry part.

Having pantry is really convenient and problem-solving if you don’t have enough storage place at home. So, do not lose this bonus!

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