With or without carpet in your office?

Carpet in the officeHow many of you hear your steps on the tile floor every time you need to work something out at the other end of the room? And how many of you have slipped in a wet spot on the tessellation cover? We all have at some time or another. Flat and smooth floors, at home as well as in the offices, are very easy to maintain. They are easy to clean, they dry quickly after the damp mop and they do not wear out if you step on with shoes. This makes them quite a preferable choice.

Tiles, mosaic, parquet are some of the most frequently used covers. Nevertheless the advantages, they all get very slippery when wet and can become dangerous. If you manage offices, find reliable office cleaners who know what cleaning substances to use and have special signs which instruct and preserve workers and visitors from wet floors.

  • If you are one of those who have decided on a carpeted floor, first of all, you need to choose the material for your space – artificial or natural fabrics. People usually prefer convenient, practical and easy-to-clean products, and if buying for the office, specialists advise that you settle on carpets with short fibers, soundproof and resistible to wearing. Artificial ones are definitely a more reasonable choice at a more reasonable price, and the more particoloured they are, the less visible dust and stains will be.
  • If luxury is your aim, then carpets with average length and natural loose-textured fibers will suit the atmosphere better. But in that case the cares must be everyday, you’d better rely on professional carpet cleaning in order to preserve their appearance and quality for as long as possible.

Carpets create a cozy and warm atmosphere to small or averagely sized premises, but they are extremely unsuitable and impractical for big formal business halls visited by a lot of people all over the year. If for a tiles floor it is enough to sweep and mop, a carpeted one will be much more capricious and expensive to keep clean. Anyway, there are many interesting and creative ideas of interior designs on the internet and it won’t take long to have a look and decide on the best option for your office floor.

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