Winter sports in the living room

Winter sports in the living roomWinter can be very exciting time, especially if you have children that want to go to play when it’s snowing outside. How to keep them inside? It’s a hard task but there are some ways in which you can make staying home both entertaining and furniture saving. Check them out:

  1. Sacrifice a room. It’s one inevitable offering that you will need to make in the name of the keeping kids indoors. Choose the room with least fragile items and least furniture. Usually it’s either the big hallway or the living room. The best option is if you have empty basement or another space with similar specifications: fewer windows and easy for heating.

  2. Organise the activities. If floor coverage allows it, you can easily make pillow skating playground. Tie thick little pillows on kids’ feet and allow them to skate around the room. Of course take the needed precautions like helmets and kneepads.

  3. Slalom on the staircase. We all know the tempting activity from “Home alone” and “Princess’ diaries 2”. Put a flexible, thick mattress on the highest part of the staircase if it doesn’t have turns and slide down. This activity is performed on mandatory with parents, preferable after home cleaning. After it to allow using the mattresses by default and with parents because it has dangers after all. On the other hand, mattresses are heavy and adult can deal with the easier than any child.

  4. Smart Olympics. Show your children the art of the board games, winter vacation is your chance to go back and time and be that checkers or chess champion that you used to be in your school years. This way you can combine useful and fun by teaching and practicing reading, counting and other things that kids learn at school.

  5. Snow battles with pillows. This is old game that requires soft light spare pillows and strong parents’ nerves. Remember how much you love pillow fight?! Just according the advice of the window cleaners, put a tall cabinet or another barrier in front of the windows to avoid breaking them. Also take all possible collateral damage in another room or in the closet.

Don’t forget to leave the kids out when it’s not snowing or when the wind is not that strong. Winter air is free of bacteria and it will help your child to build stronger immune defense. Learn your kids to enjoy winter instead of fearing of it.

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