Which plants to choose for your office?

Plants for the officeGreen plants in the office – it sounds wonderful, but not all plants can survive in the workplace. Some can not tolerate harmful radiation and dust, others require abounding watering and care that nobody can provide them, especially during the holidays. However, there are many plants, that seem to have been created for the office. Check out some of them:

  • Chlorophytum (green lily). It clears air from formaldehyde and other toxic compounds. Moreover, it is unpretentious to the amount of light and loses its beauty only when it is at completely dark place. It looks great in any decor – classic, minimalist style or modern.

  • Laurel. In ancient times, with its branches heads of poets and winners were crowned. And this is not by accident. The plant relieves headache caused by staring at the monitor and reading. This is due largely to phytoncides that improve cerebral blood flow in the brain. Laurel is not pretentious to the light, it needs moderate watering. Your domestic cleaners London perhaps also know a lot about laurel.

  • Lemon. It protects against infections in the working team. It destroys 70% of virus and bacteria in indoor air. Furthermore – this is decorative tree with glossy dark green, leaves and bright yellow fruit. It’s grown harder than Chlorophytum and laurel, but it’s the most unassuming among all citrus.

  • Spathiphyllum is very elegant. It blooms for a long time and sometimes twice a year. It doesn’t demand special care and conditions. It purifies the air from formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. Furthermore – it moistens the air. When it comes to your office, upholstery cleaning London is very important, but as you see this plant also helps a lot.

  • Other relevant and useful for the office plants are dracaena and ficus. When it comes to working phytodesign we can not overlook bonsai too. They symbolize the transition from natural to cultivated form or in other words are very similar to us – the inhabitants of workplaces.

Do you have green plants in your office? Share with us!

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