What happens to your body when you do not drink enough water

What happens to your body when you do not drink enough water
Everybody knows that human body is made of 2/3 or 66% of water. An average adult should consume at least 2 litres of water a day. However in a hot day or if you exercise and sweat a lot, you need to replenish the liquids you have lost during your physical activities. At the same time, many people believe that you can satisfy your thirst with consumption of sugary drinks. Soft drinks satisfy your thirst for a few minutes and then you will feel even more dehydrated and not to mention that a high sugar dosage spikes your insulin. Here are some more reasons why you should start consuming more water.

  • People who don’t drink enough water are more likely to have health problems. Kidney stones, colon cancer and heart attacks are linked to low water intake. All you need to do to reduce the chance of developing some of these health conditions is to drink enough water every day. Once you start to consume more water, you will start feeling better and more energized to deal with whatever challenge life has for you such as an end of tenancy cleaning London.

  • Lack of water slows your metabolism. Water is essential for all the metabolic processes in your body.

  • When you are not drinking enough water, you are more likely to have wrinkles on your skin. Water hydrates your skin and fills the wrinkles.

  • You will feel fatigue and tiredness. In most cases the first sign of dehydration is tiredness. Headaches are also a good sign that you need to drink more water. It’s just like housekeeping, you don’t have to postpone until the mess is everywhere. Carpets play essential role in cleanliness and you’d better not wait more than a year before booking for carpet cleaning London.

  • Lack of water causes mood swings. People who are dehydrated often feel weak and confused unlike those who drink plenty of water.

  • Dehydrated people put more effort when doing regular activities.

Well, there you have it, six solid reasons why you should start consuming more water every day.

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