Vinegar – good not only for the salad!

Vinegar can be used in a lot more activities at home, not only in cooking. Here are some of its most common uses in the household:

1. Disinfect fruits and vegetables using a clean towel with some vinegar drops on it.
2. Use vinegar to clean stubborn grease on the cooking pan. It helps to dissolve the grease marks and leaves the cooking pan shining.
3. Use vinegar to remove unpleasant odors at home. Along with removing the smell, vinegar also helps to kill the bacteria living in the fridge, the microwave and the kitchen cupboards. Mix equal amount of water and vinegar and wipe the insides of the appliances. Use that to clean the box where you keep bread, too. Disinfect all the surfaces in the kitchen.
4. Disinfect as well the cutting board using vinegar. That’s the favorite place for bacteria to live. If it is not removed efficiently, it goes in the food we cut and into our body after that.
5. Use vinegar after cooking fish. You hate that smell in the kitchen and on your hands after cleaning and cooking fish, don’t you? All you need to do after you finish is to put some vinegar in the cooking pan and leave it on the hob for a few minutes. While it evaporates, it will remove all the unpleasant smell from the kitchen.
6. Clean your windows using vinegar. Mix it again with some water and put the mixture into a spraying bottle. Spray the windows and use a clean towel to wipe them. Then just enjoy the way they are going to shine!

Following these advices will not only help you save money on buying expensive cleaning products, but will also help you to live in a healthier environment at home.

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