Very practical tips for home cleaning

Practical home cleaning tipsPlastic furniture

Plastic furniture and its parts that are made of aluminium and steel can be cleaned with microfibre cloth soaked in soapy water.

To keep it in good shape, you can use a silicone spray on it every once in a while. It’s an universal lubricant for maintenance and protection of any product made of plastic, rubber, metal or wood.

Teak wood furniture

Teak furniture is very practical, but it easily looses its colour and gets dull. Scrub it carefully with soapy water, then damp wipe it with liquid detergent for wooden furniture. Doing this easy procedure just once a year, you will be able to enjoy your teak pieces for many years to come.

Leather bag

If you want to refresh and re-nourish your beautiful leather bag, rub it with soft cloth moistened with cleansing make-up removal milk Focus on the areas that are highly contaminated. Cleansing milk will make your leather bag as good as a new one.

Suede shoes

In order to clean your favourite shoes made of suede or nubuck, you can use a simple pencil rubber. Rub them with it, pressing harder on stains and most contaminated areas.

Ink stains

Before you take your inked clothes to the dry cleaning, try to remove the stain at home. Spray the affected area with hairspray and rub with a clean, slightly damp cloth. If the ink stain appears on a delicate fabric, first treat a hidden part of the clothing to avoid possible damages.


Do not dispose of the squeezed orange halves you used for your juice this morning. Rub the taps and showers with them to dissolve the limestone deposits and enjoy the shining results.


Spray all the windows with glass detergent and wipe. But if your windows have been neglected for a longer time and the problem is bigger than you thought, take a cosmetic oil, such as baby oil for instance, and rub the windows with it. Leave it on for an hour and then wipe with a soft paper. Finally clean your windows as usual – with glass detergent or white vinegar. Sparkling!

Less dust on the wooden surfaces

Prepare a mixture of one cup of shampoo, one cup of anti-static detergent and 8 cups of water (use 50 ml coffee cups). Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and wipe the wooden furniture. Less dust at the cost of a few minutes of wiping.

Cleaning home is not necessary mission impossible. With these few tips and tricks you can maintain your place spotless and feel proud of your home. If you still got questions about home cleaning and housekeeping, keep reading our blog. We are here to make your housewife-day easier!

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