Useful and interesting tips for indoor plants

Indoor plantsIndoor plants are traditional, easy to maintain, eco and healthy decoration idea. They put an extra green and eco-friendly line in your lifestyle and meanwhile, they restore and freshen up the air and the domestic environment. However, proper indoor plant maintenance requires some specific rules. On the other side, few creative ideas and conceptions for arrangement and adorning won’t hurt! See some useful and interesting tips for indoor plants:

  • When you buy a plant in a flowerpot from the store, transplant it as soon as possible. Truth is that commercial pots, where the plants are sold in a trade center, are made of cheap materials. They are not suitable for constant flourishing.

  • Speaking of transplanting, there are few more occasions, when it is needed, recommended and on mandatory. When a plant grows too much, it needs a bigger space to develop. Spring season is also good for transplanting. You also need to transplant your plant, when it is attacked by pests or disease.

  • Natural manure is good, but you should avoid coffee and tea! It is a myth that these goods are good for plant growing. They actually attract fleas!

  • Over-watering is the most common reason for an indoor plant to die. Get informed about each of your plants at home and make sure you know how often you should pour them.

  • Water indoor plants with preserved water in advance. Use always room temperature water and never pour with cold water! If you can provide distilled or rain water, your indoor plants will be growing very fast!

  • Draught isn’t recommended for indoor plants, so if you need to provide such in hot days, store the flowerpots in the corners of the room.

  • Prune your indoor plants regularly in order to keep the balance of the normal growing.

  • Don’t keep the flower stand next to fragile object! Things happen and you should safeguard your domestic environment.

  • Don’t overflow the pots and don’t keep them directly on the carpet! These actions may cause carpet damages, which cannot be repaired with carpet cleaning or even some professional refreshment!

Accept your indoor plants as part of your family! They are alive, too, and they need cares and supports as much as you do! Keep this in mind and don’t give in growing flowers at home, if you fail once or twice! 

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