Top five mistakes everybody makes in cleaning

  1. Five mistakes in cleaningYou scrub wine stains out of your carpet

Usually when you accidentally spill a glass of red wine on your new, wonderful carpet, you get so angry and desperately try to scrub it out of your carpet. You are so busy to scrub, that you miss the question – Don’t you do bigger damage to the carpet? Actually scrubbing stains out of your carpet often damages and untwists the carpet fibres. The solution?!

Do not waste your time on rough scrubbing – blot the spill with a clean white cloth till it dries. Then treat the stain with a proper stain remover, but firstly try on a hidden area to make sure that it will not damage your carpet.

  1. You use vinegar on all kinds of surfaces relying on its mild acid qualities

Truly vinegar is one of the most used natural cleaners, which can be helpful in solving different cleaning problems.Despite its natural character , you should still be careful using vinegar on marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.

  1. Using your kitchen sponge for a long time

It’s proven that a kitchen sponge is dirtier even the toilet seat, so you must definitely follow the rule to change it frequently.

  1. You use too much cleaning product thinking that more is better

Using more cleaning product actually is just pure waste and eventually create a sticky buildup on the surface you’re cleaning. So follow strictly the recommended quantity of the product on the label.

  1. You mix cleaners

Mixing different cleaners could have really risky results on your health. For instance, when bleach and other acid products get in touch, they provide really toxic gas, which could have really bad consequences to your health.

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