Tips for a cosy living room

Cosy living roomThe living room is that room at home, which is most often the target for various comments from curious neighbours and uninvited visitors.

Therefore, it should always be ready to meet your guest.

And in this article we’ll talk about how to keep your living room cosy and always tidy.

In the mornings, before you leave for work, make sure everything is in its place.

Otherwise if your relatives or other guests suddenly stop by in the evening, you’d have to start cleaning in front of them, wondering where to hide all the clutter.

Try to keep a vase with flowers on the coffee table, which will act as a focal point in the room. You can put bouquet of dried flowers too, but according to feng shui you will have to regularly clean the plants from dust, so the negative energy doesn’t stay trapped in your home.

Place a woollen blanket on the backrest of the sofa or the armchair. Warm fabrics always bring comfort to any room. If you are some kind of pedantic person, simply fold it symmetrically. The more artistic individuals can just let it fall down (and the blanket could be made of colourful patches put together). In both cases the effect will be positive.

Interesting and effective idea is to make rows of books mixed with images in frames on the shelves of your home library. Your photos have captured precious and valuable memories, but they also show your personal style in decorating and create unique vision in your living room.

Rugs are very practical and at the same time are wonderful complement to the interior. The curtains must be in line with the rugs. Once a year call for professional rug and curtain cleaning, otherwise the fabrics will seem grubby and worn.

Every morning (well, could be every other morning) quickly dust the shelves. It is also a great morning exercise and a waking up method. It is not necessary to perform the complete ritual of cleaning the entire house, just the areas where your visitors would peer.

Well, doing the listed above, you will be ready for any uninvited guests, they will feel comfortable and welcomed, and you will be proud of your home.

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