Thrifty tenants save money on energy bills

Tenants save money on energyWho says that living on rent is trouble-free and happy-go-lucky? If you are a tenant, you will definitely agree with that. Rents are expensive nowadays, plus you must pay all your bills too. If your salary disappears only in a few days and you’re constantly facing financial issues, don’t despair. Maybe you will appreciate some saving tips.

Most tenants pay a lot of money for energy bills. Read carefully the information below and comply with these simple rules in order to decrease your energy debts:

  • Good insulation is a must. Before renting a house or apartment, ask about its isolation features. Keep in mind, that landlords have to draught-proof all doors and windows. Some haven’t done that, so missing to arrange this important detail may influence your consequent energy bills. If the property is not renovated and efficiently insulated, you can demand a lease discount. It’s your right. If you’re not so lucky to find a perfectly isolated home, you can apply some little tricks. For example, instal a warm, thick and comfy carpet to benefit from its insulating qualities. You have to maintain its hygiene with thorough, regular hoovering and occasional professional treatment. Actually, efficient carpet cleaning is compulsory in every single dwelling. In addition, you may ensure yourself double lining curtains to prevent the cold. Take advantage of electric blankets either. They are really convenient and recommended option for lukewarm bedrooms.

  • Combine cooking with heating – have you ever considered to incorporate a stove or range cooker with a boiler? This means you will have access to smart appliance which will heat the entire house. Ordinary range cookers can heat hot water for the kitchen and the bathroom while running the radiators to provide heat for the kitchen. Keep in mind, that a boiler stove delivers warm water and can run radiators. It works best in combination with other heating systems.

  • Cut down your energy usage – as a matter of fact, there are plenty of ideas that you can put into practice, so don’t underestimate their importance even if you have some doubts. For instance, turn off all your appliances from the socket when you don’t use them. Believe it or not, this is much more energy efficient than leaving them on standby. In addition, use 20 watt energy saving light bulbs. They can save you up to £70 compared to a 100w bulb. Beside that, try always to match the size of the cooking ring to the size of the saucepan in order to avoid wasting energy and heating air.

What do you think about these little tricks? Save some money on energy bills and invest them wisely! Why not requesting professional end of tenancy cleaning service when your lease is about to be terminated?

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