There are different types of hunger – check them out!

There are different types of hungerAre you feeling hungry? Usually, when we reach the end point of starvation, in which our belly scrapes so that it makes us sick, we are ready to eat a whole elephant! Or at least food equal to that weight! Let’s put the joking aside. Each extremity brings its big damage. Abuse of harmful ingredients and calories leads to nothing good. Overuse of healthy products will not keep your figure either. People tend to turn to food in many different moments. In order to stay with slender figure or to be able to fit into your old jeans, see which types of hunger you must overcome! Do not give in!

  • Natural hunger. When you haven’t eaten too long, your natural hunger strikes as a whirlwind. Not surprisingly, people say they are hungry as a wolf. In such cases the risk of ingestion of high-caloric food is much larger. Greater quantities are eaten. Do not allow yourself to starve. This will prevent uncontrolled overeating. Look at the carpet cleaners, they can find time for a little snack and do all their job perfectly. It’s a matter of time management.

  • Starving for nutrients. Even this formulation seems a complete nonsense, this kind of hunger exists. Hunger for nutrients is a hunger for certain groups of nutrients, such as carbohydrates. You know how sometimes suddenly a lot of you are getting enough sweet. This happens because women tend to exclude whole groups of nutrients and thus the body feels frantic hunger for them at a time.

  • Hunger from anxiety. This practice is not a form of starvation, it is a way to calm nerves. If you do not succeed to deal with this kind of hunger, you might start uncontrolled weight gain because you will want to eat something every time you feel bad.

  • Hunger of addiction. This type of hunger is associated with addiction to food. It’s even assigned to mental disorders, such as anorexia, for example. If you’re addicted to eating, you will refer to it whenever you feel helpless and sad. At such times the food becomes the only consolation, that makes you feel good.

  • Famine of boredom. Have you ever eaten something simply because there is nothing else to do? We all have, but if you get used to do it, which not only leads to weight gain, but also to a variety of disease associated with obesity. Don’t forget about upholstery cleaning, so you have a task now.

  • Emotional hunger. Emotional hunger is not really a true hunger. In moments of sadness and frustration many people tend to dull the pain with calories and prohibited food, mostly various goodies. If you have experienced failure in love, what would you rely on? We are sure that the answers would be mass “on chocolate ‘or’ on ice cream.”

  • Visual hunger. This hunger occurs when you are not truly hungry, but you want something delicious just at the sight of it. Resist the urge. Be strong! Only the will can overcome all that uncontrolled eating!

What is your personal experience with the different types of hunger?


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