Thematic wedding – some fresh and modern ideas for the perfect wedding

Ideas for thematic weddingThematic weddings enable fully expression of your lifestyle and values ​​as a couple. Not surprisingly, we can compare them with a walk in different styles, details, places, colors and sounds, tastes and flavors – a real gift for the senses. Check out some modern ideas for thematic weddings:

  • Boho-wedding. This is the wedding of romantic artistic natures. You will know the lace but not sparkling white dress of the bride and bridesmaids, a lot of colored lanterns and candles, massive artistic jewelry, antique cutlery. It combines the two extremes – coarse elements such as wood and metal, with delicate lace and fairy figure of boho-bride.

  • Citric wedding. It brings the fresh scent of lemon trees, sweet-sour taste of lemonade and sour, foolish smiling faces of guests trying lemon pieces. Yellow combines perfectly with the traditional sparkling white, and why not with the colors of lavender, smoky gray or blue sailor? Citric wedding is an original way to bring a fresh idea in an otherwise classic, white wedding. Light shades require perfect performance of the carpet cleaners Fulham.

  • Wedding in color marsala. Those who believe that a wedding in the fall or winter is not the best solution, can now be absolutely refuted. This wedding with color Marsala wine and the scent of cinnamon sticks is a great option for both warmer and a little colder months of the year. Wedding in color marsala gives the impression of a measured dose of refinement, but without being intrusive and pompous.

  • Seaman’s wedding. Seaman wedding has a special charm because it combines refined elegance of blue and white with a dozen of playful sailor items. Sailor stripes are beautifully combined with the red, with thick sailor ropes, small tea candles, shells and spirit of adventurism.

  • Rustic wedding. Of course, here the concept of a village wedding can vary widely – from typical American country wedding in plaid and cowboy boots to simple and gentle Provencal wedding with a beautiful wreath for the bride instead of a veil and a bouquet of delicate field flowers. Wedding of the village is united mainly by one major reason – simplicity and lots of fun in nature.

  • Turquoise-coral wedding. Unusual and hard to achieve combination, but so fresh and romantic, it’s worth all the effort. Turquoise-coral wedding is not just a typical summer celebration, but brings with it a whiff of the exotic Pacific islands. Similar wedding can not go unnoticed or forgotten. It’s unnecessary to remind you, that professional domestic cleaning Fulham must be accomplished in advance.

In case you plan your wedding, you may use some of these ideas.

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