The Taste of London event

The Taste of LondonThe most delicious al fresco festival is about to be established in London once again! Come and join us in the Taste of London event. Get a nice company with you, because a meal is always nicer with friends, relatives or with the family. Garment tastes will fascinate you by all means. Plus – attending to this great culinary fest will bring some positive emotions and sweetness in the hot June days. So, are you ready for the Taste of London stunning event? See more details about it and start making plans over it right now:

  • The Taste of London is all about having a good bite. The degustation will be massive since more than 40 of the best local restaurants will bring their menus. And you may create your own perfect set of meals by choosing your favourite tastes and dishes.

  • According to the program of the Taste of London there will be almost 200 artisan procedures performed in front of your eyes, so you can take the advantage of joining exquisite meal preparation, too. Besides, the most popular and reputable chefs will also be here to help you – including Atul Kochhar and Michel Roux Jr.

  • Taste of LondonSave for super meals, the degustation celebration of the tasty food will be accompanied by free drinks – beer, hot drinks and delicious wine sorts. Sounds like a super nice fiesta and guess what it will be even more than that!

  • The Taste of London will take part four days – from 19th to 22nd of June 2014 year. Participate in each of the days since they will have different programs devoted to various menus and food preparation procedures that are typical for both – the entire UK and the entire globe.

  • The Taste of London is appointed to hit the lovely Regent’s Park and the Primrose Hill! If you don’t live in the capital, do not worry, because there are plenty of budget hotels in this part of the city.

  • Tickets for the Taste of London are yet available. Adults pay 25,80 pounds, while kids are getting inside the culinary 4-day show with an entrance pass for 12,90 pounds.

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