The first smart cooking devices

The first smart cooking devicesEverything has started with the smartphone. Then, smart TVs and smart cars have appeared. Thus, the smart industry has made such a huge success that soon, our life will become not only smarter, but also better, simpler and more joyful! Smart industry and amazing technology innovations have made approach into domestic life, too. And today, with so many happy housekeepers, who can finally relax from the tough household maintenance job, we can finally welcome the first smart cooking device. Want to meet them? Let’s do it together:

  • Zepter International is the company that provides us a more efficient and easier approach into domestic nutrition. Their first smart cooking line is now available on the global market and each of you can get the benefit of a simpler life and healthier domestic cooking!

  • The Zepter smart cooking line is composed of three main devices. They are all green and save you lots of money for electricity. Besides, they work faster than any other familiar kitchen appliances we know – the microwave, the oven, blender and etc.

  • Radio Digital Thermocontrol comes with digital easy-to-be operated interface. Add to this the amazing sleek and contemporary design plus its precise and careful job that does not make any mess in the kitchen, which usually made you order professional carpet treatment once per month. What makes the Radio Digital Thermocontrol so extra ordinary, though, is its own program to cook. It maintains the temperature, so you can leave your home, while it is preparing your own dinner. Plus – it never burn food or leave it not done for eating.

  • The Radio induction Cooker is similar. It uses no fire or gas. The risk of its prepared meals is 0 and the final taste is more than fascinating. You can become the chef master of any delicacy you has ever wanted to prepare. Besides, the meals are always freshly-cooked and healthy.

  • Last, but not least, the Remote Alert Device named Buzzer puts the entire control over your kitchen with single click only! You can do your domestic cleaning, go on a yoga course, shopping or even taking kids from school and know that the cooking process is in safe mood!

So, what do you think? Isn’t this the exact birthday gift you have ever wanted?

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