The challenge of the fabulous Christmas Pudding Race

The challenge of the fabulous Christmas Pudding RaceYou long for real fun and a joyous spectacle? You are tired from Christmas decorations, cooking and baking? Then London’s yearly astonishing Christmas pudding race is exactly what you need. This year the show comes back to Covent Garden on 6th December and promises lots of laughing and excitement. Grab your winter coat and go! Your direction is Covent Garden, you already know that! These are some of the features of this awesome performance, check them out:

  • Actually, you are free to cheer on the festally dressed teams until they race around an obstacle route, trying not to drop their precious puddings. This event is not only guaranteed to be super funny and very interesting, but you can see some guest celebrities there. It sounds exciting, right?

  • The initiative, supported by this diverting event, is raising some much needed funds for important Cancer Research. Keep in mind, that 2014 is the 34th year, that the competitive happening has embellished London sports calendar.

  • The rules: there are teams of 6 persons who fight for the highly craved after Christmas Pudding Trophy. Their target is to overcome an outrageous obstacle routine, while they wear lovely Christmas clothing. Very racing and meanwhile chaotic, this festive sports event will definitely cheer you up by providing you a merry spectacle. Running, falling on the ground, overcoming great obstacles – and all these, while holding a dish with delicious pudding inside. The winner is the fastest competitor, who has kept his pudding intact.

  • Take your kids too, they will enjoy this race, that’s for sure. Competition will be very serious and puddings must be kept unspilled. Isn’t it a great challenge? What do you think?!

Smile and join the fabulous Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden on 6th December! You can even help with some cash for the noble cause of gathering funds for essential Cancer Research.

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