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5 wonderful suggestions for home spring plants

Home spring plantsSpring is a good occasion to refresh your living environment. The sunlight, the arrival of the new life of the nature and the amazing weather are great inspirations for some little addition for your house decoration. And aren’t the real flowers the best ideas for some spring ornamenting of the living space? Read more

Common spring cleaning myths – debunked!

Spring cleaning mythsMany of you have a strict organisation for domestic household maintenance. It is normal, when somebody learns something to continue using and doing it without even asking yourself if it is right or not.

Others are too trustful and when they hear something, they believe it at once! Read more

Freshen up the kitchen for the spring

Kitchen refreshmentWith the first more intense sun rays of the spring, all of us start thinking of how to change themselves positively and most of us use this time of the year to detox and clean the body from the accumulated toxins during the winter.

Some of us start doing some physical exercises, jogging, yoga, fitness etc. Other practice some detox diet using mostly lemons and lemonade to clean the body from the toxins. Read more

Your home needs One off cleaning?! Problem solved!

Your home needs One off cleaning?! Problem solved!Spring is here! The sun is shining brightly and it’s bringing a smile to your face. You think nothing can ruin your good mood, but ..wait!

Think again!Nothing?!

I am not so sure. The only thing that probably could ruin my shining smile is the thought of the annual deep spring cleaning. Read more