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Your lovely kitchen pantry needs some maintenance, too!

Kitchen pantry maintenanceEntering a stylish and polished to brilliance kitchen makes a really nice impression. Everything seems in a great order and there is no single stain on the surfaces. Even the floors shine bright like a diamond and it feels like no one cooks here. Though, you observe a carefully prepared dinner with healthy products on a table that will be soon quickly cleared up. All of this sound like a dream and probably it is. We believe that even this kitchen might suffer from some dirty problem. What about the pantry? We are used to keep there everything and we are not used to cleanse it all. However, your lovely kitchen pantry needs some maintenance, too: Read more

5 places that need daily disinfection

5 places that need daily disinfectionNobody likes cleaning – especially everyday cleaning! And if you are one of those homeowners, who prefer thorough top-to-bottom sanitising procedures per season, we have news for you!

There are 5 places that need daily disinfection. If you underestimate them, you may slightly forget about the snugness you have promised your spouse to provide. Read more

Habits to adopt that will make the cleaning easier – Part 2

Cleaning habitsThere are a lot of great ideas that can help you to minimise the efforts you put in regular domestic cleaning, but not all of them will suit you. This does not mean that you have to give up – try a few things and decide which ones will be the most useful for you, your home and your lifestyle. Here are some more tips that you may want to turn into habits:

  1. Using the rubber gloves as a pet hair removal. It seems that rubber gloves are not great just for protecting your hands from the hard water and harsh cleaning products. Read more

Safe and secured Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaningCarpet cleaning is one of the main and one of the most significant household chores.

There is no point to explain you that carpets and rugs gathers the dirtiness and the dust more than any other element from common home interior design – even the furniture is not such a pleasant environment for grease and grime.

You must have learned and found out about all of this. Read more

Vinegar – good not only for the salad!

Vinegar can be used in a lot more activities at home, not only in cooking. Here are some of its most common uses in the household:

1. Disinfect fruits and vegetables using a clean towel with some vinegar drops on it.
2. Use vinegar to clean stubborn grease on the cooking pan. It helps to dissolve the grease marks and leaves the cooking pan shining.
3. Use vinegar to remove unpleasant odors at home. Along with removing the smell, vinegar also helps to kill the bacteria living in the fridge, the microwave and the kitchen cupboards. Mix equal amount of water and vinegar and wipe the insides of the appliances. Use that to clean the box where you keep bread, too. Disinfect all the surfaces in the kitchen. Read more

Very practical tips for home cleaning

Practical home cleaning tipsPlastic furniture

Plastic furniture and its parts that are made of aluminium and steel can be cleaned with microfibre cloth soaked in soapy water.

To keep it in good shape, you can use a silicone spray on it every once in a while. It’s an universal lubricant for maintenance and protection of any product made of plastic, rubber, metal or wood.

Teak wood furniture

Teak furniture is very practical, but it easily looses its colour and gets dull. Scrub it carefully with soapy water, then damp wipe it with liquid detergent for wooden furniture. Read more

Tips for a cosy living room

Cosy living roomThe living room is that room at home, which is most often the target for various comments from curious neighbours and uninvited visitors.

Therefore, it should always be ready to meet your guest.

And in this article we’ll talk about how to keep your living room cosy and always tidy.

In the mornings, before you leave for work, make sure everything is in its place.

Otherwise if your relatives or other guests suddenly stop by in the evening, you’d have to start cleaning in front of them, wondering where to hide all the clutter. Read more

How to clean without using professional cleaning products

Cleaning productsThe truth is that you don’t really need professional cleaning products or professional cleaning machines to clean your home to a good standard. Remember the following:

There isn’t an environment on the planet that cannot be cleaned up.

There isn’t just one way to clean up that environment.

There are plenty of different methods to clean your home thoroughly and have a really nice and refreshed interior space, where you can invite friends and family over. Read more

Domestic Cleaning – why is it so important to clean our home on regular bases?

Domestic cleaningLet’s be honest, domestic cleaning is not one of our favorite things to do. We would rather go out shopping, meet up with friends or just lie and home and watch TV. However, domestic cleaning on regular bases is a very important thing to do because of numerous reasons.

First of all, regular cleaning at home will help you create a safe and healthy environment for you and your children. When you clean at least once a week, you will have a house free of bad smells, any kind of bugs and insects. As well, this will help avoiding any allergies from developing. Read more

The best cleaning solutions ever!

Cleaning solutionsThe best cleaning solutions that you can ever think of are the ones that work for everyone else but not for you, right? That’s what we all tend to think when we are not motivated enough to do the chores around the house or clean up the office area.

Well, in this article you will find out more about some of the best solutions for cleaning that we have encountered through our professional experience.

1. Cleaning solution for people who live on their own

If you are living on your own, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to get motivated. Find out what motivates you to clean around the house. You have the privilege and the freedom to really find out what that thing is. Read more

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