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How to achieve a minimalist appearance without sacrificing your style

Minimalistic design for your home

The choice of a minimalist style interior has many advantages. In minimalism one should be better careful with home details, but this does not mean that the room should look like a white box. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve a minimalist look, without sacrificing individuality and style of a room: Read more

How to use the striped curtains as an accent in the interior

Striped curtains for your home

The curtains are a natural and easy way to bring change in your sweet home. We can easily add a fresh accent and new feeling in the room without having to make significant changes in furnishings. All you need to do is to select the appropriate set of drapes or curtains depending on your desire and taste. There is a great option that always gives irresistible results – striped curtains. How to use the striped curtains as an accent in the interior? Read more

Autumn colour combinations for the interior

Autumn colour combinations for the interiorThe typical autumn colours are soothing and nice. That is why they are the ideal choice for your home interior. See which colour combinations are most suitable for that time of the year:

  • Brown and yellow – there is hardly another colour combination that reminds so much of the autumn landscape. The combination of brown and yellow calms down and at the same time ‘charges’ you with positive energy. In addition, depending on the nuances of the two colours, you can use the combination during the whole year; Read more

Decorating with graphite grey

Decorating with graphite grey

Graphite grey doesn’t mean boredom, just forget about that word! Thanks to that colour, your house will look more stylish and elegant than ever. What is more, it is particularly trendy this autumn! Here are some ideas on how to include graphite grey in your house decor: Read more

Hollywood Regency Style – learn more and decide

Hollywood Regency StyleThe style was developed during the middle of the last century. At that time Hollywood filmmaking has been growing more and more. Thousands of people were involved in the industry. Films took long to be made and people devoted their entire lives to the industry. Actors had to live next to the stage, where they work. This created the need for a new style of living. And this style, is the regency style. Here are some interesting facts: Read more

Purple accents in the living room

Purple accents in the living roomPurple is an ideal colour for the design of the living room. It incorporates great official furnishings and traditional elements. Perfect colours for combination with purple are white, black and grey. Black is not appropriate for the living room, so better focus on white and grey. Here are our advices:

  • Walls

We want some purple accents, not to make the entire place purple. That’s why the wall should not be painted in that colour. Grey is a good decision as a wall colour. Do you insist on purple on the walls? If so, you can get wallpapers with purple patterns. Wallpapers are preferred for making such changes. Read more