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How to avoid unhealthy foods when dining out

Dining out - can it be healthy?

For many of us, home made food is a luxury. With our busy lifestyle, there is not enough time to cook your own healthy meal and that’s why we often eat out. Some people dine out once a week, while others visit a restaurant every day. Most of the meals found in the menu of the restaurants contain unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that we should avoid. Here is a simple guide on how to keep away from these unhealthy foods. Read more

8 super tips when you prepare healthy food

Tips to use when prepare healthy foodThese practical tips will help you say goodbye to the stress caused by certain cooking activities, that are not always easy to implement. Ready to apply? Read more

6 cancer-fighting foods to include in your menu

6 cancer-fighting foodsAre you aware that what you eat for dinner influences on how you feel 15 minutes later? In addition, it can make a difference in the long run too. It’s scientifically proven that consuming more vegetables, fruits and whole grains is a great plan for cancer prevention. Besides, there are some foods which provide extra protection. Check out our smart checklist of 6 cancer-fighting items to add to your shopping cart: Read more