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Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 1

Gleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDomestic cleaning often requires to tidy areas that are hard to reach – behind the closet, blinds, chandeliers and etc. It’s not necessary to be the rubber woman to clean your house. However, with the cleaning should not be made a compromise. That’s why the market offers several contemporary cunning attributes for cleaning hard to reach places. Most cleaning accessories are based on modern microfiber fabric, whose porous structure absorbs water quickly and cleans surfaces well. Read more

How to stop the mess in your personal wardrobe?

Mess in the wardrobeThe excuse that you are a woman does not justify your messy wardrobe! Maybe, the reason why you always claim that you do not have any clothes, is actually the chaos. It is also possible that finding the most suitable outfit for a particular occasion becomes a huge difficulty for you.

The messy wardrobe is guilty again. Well, the real guilty one is actually you. Though, how to stop the mess in the wardrobe? Find out right away: Read more

Natural tricks to remove the ants from your home

Remove ants from homeMaintaining your living environment clean, lovely and fresh is a harsh task to accomplish. Moreover, such a mission is difficult, because it consists of several obligations you have and they are not exactly closely connected with some purges on daily business and deeper disinfection once in a while. Read more

Laundry tips for domestic cleaning at home

Doing the laundryThere are plenty of cleaning activities we recommend you to include in your daily cleaning schedule. Cleaning tasks such as sanitising the furniture, cleaning the upholstery, floor disinfection and changing the bed linens are both – important and regular, when it comes to home hygiene preservation. Read more

And the dirtiest place at home is…

The dirties place at homeThe toilet has always had the reputation as the dirtiest place in every average home, no matter how often we clean it. However a new research brings new light for this fact and the truth is… there are far dirtier places. Some of them we would never suspect they are.

Dr. Chuck Gerba – a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona takes the research in his hands, investigating how the diseases are transmitted in the environment. Moreover – he makes a calculation how many and what kind of bacteria inhabit most of our household. Read more

Tips to clean an oven

Oven cleaning tipsIn order for us to prepare delicious and bacteria free meals, it is very important to clean our oven in the right way.

You can do that by following the advices below:

– Use soap and a damp sponge they have proved to be very effective against grease embedded in an oven.

– Use regular vinegar – boil a container filled with half water and half vinegar. It will lift up the stubborn grease. After that you can use a clean cloth to wipe the oven. Read more

Domestic Cleaning – why is it so important to clean our home on regular bases?

Domestic cleaningLet’s be honest, domestic cleaning is not one of our favorite things to do. We would rather go out shopping, meet up with friends or just lie and home and watch TV. However, domestic cleaning on regular bases is a very important thing to do because of numerous reasons.

First of all, regular cleaning at home will help you create a safe and healthy environment for you and your children. When you clean at least once a week, you will have a house free of bad smells, any kind of bugs and insects. As well, this will help avoiding any allergies from developing. Read more