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How to make old clothes funny and original

Make something beautiful from old clothes and

If you look at your wardrobe you will see, that there are clothes that are nice, but already worn. You do not wear them, but you feel pity to throw them away. You can organize a woman’s wardrobe party and each of your girlfriends to bring some clothes to refresh and remodel them. Here are further details: Read more

Make your home live with the art of “Papier-mache”

art of “Papier-mache”Papier – mache is a technique whereby you make new items with cheap materials. Generally the technique consists of sticking pieces of paper on various objects. The glue that you use is a mixture of flour and water. After gluing pieces of paper over the entire surface of the object, let it dry. Move the dry figure from the object and paint it with different decorations.

The art of “Papier – mache” comes from French and literally means chewed paper. In Ancient Egypt, papier-mache was used to make coffins and death masks. Read more