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5 places that need daily disinfection

5 places that need daily disinfectionNobody likes cleaning – especially everyday cleaning! And if you are one of those homeowners, who prefer thorough top-to-bottom sanitising procedures per season, we have news for you!

There are 5 places that need daily disinfection. If you underestimate them, you may slightly forget about the snugness you have promised your spouse to provide. Read more

Habits to adopt that will make the cleaning easier – Part 1

Home cleaning habitsIt’s easy to find an excuse not to do the cleaning – you can be too tired from a long day; you have to finish some project for work; you have an evening meeting that you can’t cancel, etc. However, using such excuses for too long can be dangerous. You can end up needing to take a week off in order to sanitise everything and put everything in the house into order.

A simple way to avoid such a scenario is to adopt a few simple habits. They will help you greatly in maintaining a decent appearance for your home. Read more