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Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning

Clean your bathroom - tips and tricks

Cleaning your bathroom is, without a doubt one of the least pleasant things to do at the weekend. Maintaining the walls, sink, showers curtains, and tiles can be a true nightmare, not to mention your busy schedule and family business. The bathroom’s tiles and the grout between the tiles accumulate a lot of dirt and because of the high humidity and warmth, mold and mildew may occur. Well, here are some useful tile and grout cleaning methods you can try the next time. Read more

How to Clean your Coffee Maker

Coffee maker cleaning tipsMost of us cannot start their day without a nice cup of coffee. Unfortunately, you should clean the coffee pot everytime you make a coffee. Well, let’s admit it, in most cases, you just rinse the pot and start brewing your coffee. With the time, your pot gets brown and worn out. Well, don’t you worry about that because with these two very simple but very effective methods you get your coffee pot sparkling clean in a matter of minutes. Read more

Ideas For Carpet Cleaning With Materials At Hand!

Carpet cleaning ideasEco-friendly homes require eco-friendly purges and detergents. If you really want a fresh and green domestic space, then you need to learn all those rules and tips for achieving the toxic-free environment you want to live in. Though, bear in mind that if you follow the eco-friendly idea in your housekeeping, you need to apply it in every chore of yours and every single element of the interior must be also cleaned with green products. Thankfully, most of the ingredients you have in your own kitchen can actually do the entire dirty job, too! Speaking of all of these, we have come upon to this fantastic bunch of helpful ideas for carpet cleaning London with materials at hand. Read more

Cleaning hints for beginners

How to clean it -advicesHome cleaning is a necessity in  our daily routine. However, it does not really have to be a torture for us, right? If you are equipped with the right tools and liquids, you will have it all under control. In case you are a beginner, check out our hints: Read more

Ideas for upholstery furniture cleaning

Upholstery furniture cleaning tipsDomestic cleaning may sound easy, smooth, and even risk free to some of you, however, the real perfection in the home environment is a long and harsh operation.

To complete the mission of the perfect home atmosphere, you should be aware of some important housekeeping rules and cleaning facts.

For instance, to avoid some serious and irrevocable damages or injuries of your elegant and delicate furniture, you must be well prepared of how to clean it. Read more

Tips for a cosy living room

Cosy living roomThe living room is that room at home, which is most often the target for various comments from curious neighbours and uninvited visitors.

Therefore, it should always be ready to meet your guest.

And in this article we’ll talk about how to keep your living room cosy and always tidy.

In the mornings, before you leave for work, make sure everything is in its place.

Otherwise if your relatives or other guests suddenly stop by in the evening, you’d have to start cleaning in front of them, wondering where to hide all the clutter. Read more