Survive without air conditioner

Alternative methods to cool and heat your homeToday people cannot believe that there are other people around the world that live without air conditioners. They have turned in such a vital necessity that every power break in the summer or in the winter makes us fall into desperation. What alterations to make in order to abandon the air conditioner?

  • Window system. The avoiding of the air conditioner may start with the planning of the house itself. See from where the breeze blows and open the closest windows. Then try to create airflow tunnel in which the air will circulate faster and your home will be cooler. Even the upholstery cleaners London know that.

  • Wood heating. Air conditioners not only cool, they also heat. To warm up your home, you will need either central heating or a very big fireplace. Luckily, all kinds of combinations are possible nowadays. If you turn to fireplace you should think of a couple of other things: storage space for the wood and place for the ashes. Buy a screen to keep most if not all of the ashes in the fireplace. To avoid exhausting carpet cleaning every time you need to clean the fireplace, put area of tiles depending on the size of the fireplace and of the room. This way the ashes will fall on it and not on the carpet.

  • Create habits. To cool your home in the summer, leave the windows open at night and shut them when you go to work in the morning. This will keep the cooler air inside, also don’t lift the shades. Shady rooms feel cooler than the sunny ones even with the same air temperature. For the winter the rule is opposite: try to catch every sunbeam.

  • Green ways. More and more new inventions help us to make our homes greener and many of them replace or leave the air conditioner useless. If you haven’t found the right invention for you yet, you can go to the good old greens – trees and bushes. One big plus of theirs: you don’t need to bother for them during the end of tenancy cleaning London! Strategically placed trees can both guard the house from cool winds and to make shade so the place don’t overheat in the summer. The bushes are similar, just you need to pick a kind that is not too thick.

These are just a couple of the options that you have. They may be suitable for your particular situation but if they are not, try to find others. With air conditioning is not the only way to live.

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