Summer holidays are over – meet the new school year with a smile

Summer memoriesIt’s the end of the summer again. Parents and children are getting back from countryside, abroad or from another city where they have visited the relatives. It is the moment when you do the recapitulation of all the memories and adventures that have happened and this makes you live them once again with all the details and emotions. Do you look at the pictures and the collected sea shells with a bit of nostalgia? And how about your children? What were their adventures? What they have learned and what they will share with the kids in school when the first school day comes?

  1. Visiting the family. If you live far away from your relatives, it is one exciting opportunity to meet the children with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. These are memories that not only will last long but will strengthen the relations of your family. The child will learn more and will feel as a part of it not only by having the same name. If you have skipped that this year, use the next vacation, you won’t regret.

  2. Home exchange. This is one rare opportunity to live in another place for long time without the huge expenses that come with the usual vacation trips for more than a week. This opens the personality and you get to know people through their home when they are away. If you have missed to settle the cleaning matter when you talked to the family that inhabited your place, do it next time, hiring end of lease cleaners is the best option in this occasion.

  3. Camping. Your child has spent some time in very close contact with nature. His/her observations and games gave unique close perspective of the wild life and this is what all friends and classmates will hear – about the baby birds in the nests and the rabbit that has been spotted passing close to the tents or vans. If you haven’t done it this year, it’s an idea for the next one.

  4. Travelling abroad. This is great no matter where and how but if the children enjoyed it depends on their age and interests. Meeting new culture and seeing foreign customs are great conversation topics when you get to school. Other positive sides are the expansion of the horizon, the child have learned to respect and understand different people and your benefit is the lack of domestic cleaning and other boring duties.

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