Stainless steel appliances – polishing DIY project

Stainless steel appliances cleaning

Stainless steel appliances are common items in any family house or modern apartment. No matter where and with whom you live, these personal belongings are parts of your living environment.

Except for being extremely useful in your everyday life, they are also truly elegant and amazing as main decors in a room. Mostly, such appliances can be found in the kitchen. Although, studios and combos of dining rooms plus cooking areas consist of stainless steel appliances, as well.

These home items, though, become not that attractive, when they get permanent fingerprints, greasy remains or dirtiness of dust, grime and other stains. Maintaining stainless steel appliances is actually part of your domestic regular cleaning, however, putting some efforts for them during deep one off cleaning is also a good idea. Meanwhile, making the stainless steel appliances shine again is also essential.

See the polishing DIY project, which is specially tailored for the contemporary stainless steel appliances at home:

  • The necessary equipment – olive oil, microfibers, clean cloths and some soft dish washing cleanser or an ordinary soapy product from the store! Just make sure the detergent isn’t toxic or too drastic. You don’t want to make scratches or breakages to your stainless steel appliances during the regular domestic cleaning in a rush, do you?

  • Remember that preparing the cleaning mixture isn’t the only thing you have to do in order to make the appliances shine again! Keep in mind that you shouldn’t sanitise in circle or against the grain! Actually, this rule is essential in most of the cleaning chores in one off sanitising at all! Flat surfaces at home, by the way, are usually greasy and dirty not because you don’t clean them, but because you don’t know the right direction for wiping, damping and drying!

  • Another important thing for polishing the stainless steel appliances is not to let the cleanser stay too long on them. You can let the product act for few minutes, but half an hour is too much! Eventually, you will ruin the flat stainless surfaces with too much humidity!

  • Last, but not least, don’t think that this job will be done by itself! You need to give your best and polish attentively! Finally, always finish with drying and wiping with a microfiber, so the sanitising can be complete!

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