Speed-clean your big bookcase

Clean your bookcaseIs there a way to clean and remove all the clutter and dust on your bookcase…in 15 minutes or less? Yes, definitely yes! Time is valuable, we know it. That’s why we recommend you to save some and try out what we have prepared for you. You will need: an old sheet, an apron with pockets, a Swiffer duster (with an extendable handle), silica-gel packets, a hair dryer, an Alvin dry-cleaning pad, a step stool and an extension cord. Here are the steps for you to follow:

  • Put the apron with pockets. Don’t forget to lay an old sheet around the bookcase itself. So you will be sure you won’t damage your floor;
  • Scan the books. If you find any you don’t want or need anymore, get rid of them. Simply toss them in a pile, so they will be prepared for donation later;
  • Put some Swiffer sheets in your apron pockets, but not only those. Don’t forget some silica-gel packets (better about a dozen) and the dry-cleaning pad. Get the extendable duster and start swiping the bookshelf top;
  • Now is the time for using the hair dryer. Plug it in, then climb the step stool so you can reach the highest shelf. Turn the dryer on (but use the high-cold setting) so you will blow the dust off the spines of books and the tops, too;
  • Go back to the top of the bookcase. Remove the books out, as you grab four or five at the same time. Then reach back with the Swiffer sheet. That way you’re going to pick up all the dust that blew off. So you will not need additional home cleaning later. If you notice any dirt remained on covers or cloth spines, use the dry-cleaning pad against it;
  • Place the books on the shelves back and sanitise the area in front with the Swiffer sheet;
  • You are almost ready with the speed-clean, without even taking advantage of professional cleaning services! It remains to use the extendable duster or the Swiffer sheet to wipe the frame of the bookcase;
  • It’s a good idea to reposition the books some inches from the edge of every shelf. Toss a few silica-gel packets behind every row.
  • Roll the sheet up and then shake the dust off (somewhere outdoors, of course).

So, now you are ready to peruse your precious library and find a favourite book. Reading is a great way to entertain yourself. Furthermore, it is never ‘old-fashioned’, isn’t it?

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