Smoking damages on a carpet and how to eliminate them

Smoking damages on a carpetThere are yet families and properties that allow smoking at home. This isn’t bad for people’s health only, but a huge risk for the entire interior. Particular damages are almost certain in case you smoke in a house or the apartment you live in. Mostly, the worst things that might happen are ugly and non-hygienic ash stains, as well as smoking smell, which is everything else, but not a pleasant aroma in the domestic living space. On the other side, the biggest threat for your home, if you smoke in it, is linked to your rugs. See how to eliminate all the smoking damages on a carpet and, though, consider quit smoking – at least at home – on the future, too:

  • Ashes on a carpet look like general stains made of mud or other earth dirtiness. You can easily get rid of the ash carpet stains by relying on the following techniques.

  • First of all, sprinkle all over the entire carpet a big amount of baking soda. Let it stay for at least two hours.

  • During this time you may go shopping and find a decent dry solvent. Choose wisely and get some universal cleansing product that will work for both – the ash rug stains and the entire regular cleaning at home in future.

  • Go back home and vacuum off all the ammonia from the carpet.

  • Then, observe the rug and see where the stains from ashes are yet visible. Apply some amount of the chosen dry solvent and see if the grime is gone.

  • In case the smoking stains are still on the carpet, try with another attempt, but this time prepare a mixture of dish washing soap and white vinegar. Sponge or blot with a clean cloth and then vacuum the humidity again.

  • Smoking smell isn’t nice, either. To eliminate it from the carpet, you will have to prepare a remedy with lavender, tea tree or other type of essential oils with lukewarm water. Spray the entire rug, sprinkle some baking soda and let it stay for an entire night.

  • The next morning repeat the procedure and then vacuum it off.

  • If these methods do not work for you, get some decent help from professional steam carpet cleaning services!

Smoking does not kill carpets, but great home environment and people’s health, too! Never forget that!

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