Simple tips for mites removal

Bed mites cleaningDust mites are the worst enemies in your bedroom cleaning at home. They are also known as bed mites, because their favourite place to live and spread in is the bed! The most revolting part here is that they hide deeply in the mattresses and sometimes people can’t even see them!

However, the fight against harmful dust mites is on mandatory. Bed mites use the bed for their shelter. They also feed on shed skin cells and they are the cause of the worst skin disease. In case you don’t fight them, dust mites may cause you serious allergic reactions, unpleasant rash, eczema, rhinitis and even dermatologic disorders. Remember three important things, when you start your strategy for mites removal!

Mites spread because of too big amount dust at home! The lethal temperature of mites is 105 °C! Mites can’t be killed forever – some constant preventive measures are required! Learn more:

  • Reduce the level of dust in your home. It means you should clean not only the bed and under it, but also the entire house! Wipe the furniture frequently and refresh the upholstery hardly!

  • When the amount of dust mites in your bed is catastrophically big, call the professional services! You can either rely on company that is specialised in home pest removal, or you can call the professional services! There are plenty of offers for full sanitising and mattress steam or dry cleaning!

  • Changing the bed linens is an essential domestic disinfecting routine! It prevents dust mites appearance!

  • Wash the bed deeply and thoroughly every time you perform a seasonal tidying up or some thorough one off sanitising!

  • Vacuum and steam – mattresses, bed, the area under the bed and the entire bedroom for a full disinfection!

  • Remember that dead home pests are dust mites favourite food! Always clean the house after home pest killing procedure!

  • Perform Hard Floor Polishing – cracks in natural stone floor surfaces become perfect area for dust mites! In case your floor is completely damaged, consider changing it!

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