See these 3 hacks for equilibrating your mood changes

How to control mood swingsAre you familiar with extreme mood swings? Everybody has probably experienced them. It’s very unpleasant neither for you, nor for the people around you. Actually, if you make some efforts, you can pass through these mood changes easily. Read carefully our list of 3 essential hacks, that will help you to balance your extreme mood twirls and make your life much smoother:

1. Accept, accept and again accept – this amazing practice of acceptance has been fabulously transformative. Just accept yourself as you are, then accept others as they are and finally accept situations that happen to you. For instance, let’s say that someone you love makes a promise to do something for you, and after that he doesn’t execute it. You have two options here – on one hand, layer anger and frustration. The other and the better choice is to accept it and check in with the person to see what really occurred. Expectations climb on stage here as well. Actually, the fewer expectations you cherish, the easier your life will become. Just quit expecting everything to work out in the exact way you envisage it. Even if you fail in your upholstery cleaning task, don’t get panicked, but call the local professionals for assistance!

2. Pay attention to your sensorial experiences – provide comfort to your skin by wearing only comfy clothing. Protect your hearing by avoiding noisy places. Ensure yourself a good pair of canceling headphones and put them in your bag to be always at hand. Thus you will be more productive and much calmer. Improve your sleep by turning off all electronic devices. Go to bed early enough to have at least 7 hours of sleep. Amazing hugs are also one wonderful sensorial experience. Try these awesome hugs with the people you love and feel the difference in your mood! Your body will start to melt and to relax instantly. If you feel sympathy to your maids, because they’ve done wonderful job, express your gratitude with a big smile on your face and some kind words. They will be happy to hear these warm words.

3. Create your own social algorithms – check out these three tips and make socializing much smoother:

  • Always have a buddy who will attend the same event. Other people will be also happier to have someone for an old chap.
  • Figure out how you engage best. Conference calls and group meetings are not always the best alternative for communication.
  • Coffee shops and most of the restaurants are too noisy. One-on-one walks with people, for example in a beautiful park, are just wonderful. Try them and share your opinion!

Whatever happens, try to keep calm and balance with the strength of your personal will, you can do you it! We keep our fingers crossed for you.

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