Saint Valentine’s day ideas – how to surprise him

Valentine’s Day SurpriseIf you try to go beyond the today’s commercial idea of the Saint Valentine’s day, you will realise that this holiday is something more than getting drunk on double date, eating chocolate candies till midnight in front of the TV box or making your boyfriend to take you out to the most expensive restaurant. The truth is that Saint Valentine’s day has really returned into a too banal holiday.

The real meaning of being in love and showing your feelings is actually something more than posh gifts and a bunch of fluffy toys in a heart shape! Furthermore – women have forgotten that they also have to show some tenderness and special attention to their spouses.

So, if you believe that Saint Valentine’s day is about real love, real celebration and real emotions, see our great ideas and find out how to surprise him! Women should do their best, too:

  • Simply be the man! Every year you expect your beloved man to come up with an awesome idea for the Saint Valentine’s day. Well, maybe, it is your turn! Take the lead and make a reservation in his favourite Mexican restaurant or buy some football tickets!

  • Movie night! Men really enjoy staying at home, watching movies, drinking beer and eating peanuts with snacks. It is actually not that bad and you need to admit it that you like these peaceful and intimate nights, too. Just make it a little bit more romantic to distinguish the Saint Valentine’s day from an ordinary day. Candles are always great for a little bit romance and a box of rare beer will make him love you even more!

  • Make him a dinner! You may keep repeating him that pork and fried potatoes are too harmful from the stomach, but at Saint Valentine’s day you can make an exception. Cook your beloved man’s favourite dish and add a special bottle of wine!

  • Lovely breakfast served in bed – serve it dressed in a sexy costume of a nice waitress! A little bit spice to your relationship and some special morning will be an awesome surprise! Besides – it is just a breakfast and you may be sure that the dinner will be from him!

  • If you want to prepare a gift for him, forget about expensive things! Such presents actually depress, but do not surprise males! It is better to make something with your hands and heart. Get an elegant box and wrap it in a festive way! Inside it, you can put all the reasons you actually love your man about!

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