Purple accents in the living room

Purple accents in the living roomPurple is an ideal colour for the design of the living room. It incorporates great official furnishings and traditional elements. Perfect colours for combination with purple are white, black and grey. Black is not appropriate for the living room, so better focus on white and grey. Here are our advices:

  • Walls

We want some purple accents, not to make the entire place purple. That’s why the wall should not be painted in that colour. Grey is a good decision as a wall colour. Do you insist on purple on the walls? If so, you can get wallpapers with purple patterns. Wallpapers are preferred for making such changes.

  • Wall elements

Keeping a wall clear makes the place more boring. That’s why you can place a couple of shelves on it. Be original! Don’t place them in a way that most people will. With the purple accents we are trying to break the rules of ordinary design! Another element on the wall can be a picture. Seascapes can fit well. The main theme of the picture should not be green! If there is anything green in the room it should be flowers. They are the only exception.

  • Carpet

Purple carpets are hard to find. Even if you buy one it may be difficult to maintain it clean. That’s why you should do the carpet sanitising more often. Carpet with stripes can incorporate great. But the stripes should be zebra-like. Anything else is not advised.

  • Upholstery

The upholstery of the chairs must be purple! Since walls won’t be in the main colour, furniture should be. The table also must be purple. If you want to place a sofa in there. It is better to be grey or white. But there should be a couple of purple cushions on it. Strong colour of the upholstery will create some troubles with the domestic cleaning. So make sure that when you clean it, not to bleach it by accident.

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