Pretreatment of stubborn stains – an essential part of carpet cleaning

Pretreatment of stubborn stainsCarpets are in every home, no matter if it’s big or small. These contemporary rugs contribute for the comfort and the snugness of the domestic area. Like every single element of the home decor, carpets must be appropriately maintained. Today housekeepers have different options, starting from the most superficial methods such as hoovering and ending with professional services. Clearly, the most gorgeous results are achieved by the providers of reliable carpet sanitising. They apply proven techniques and high-quality detergents.

In this article we will pay attention on one important stage of the entire disinfecting procedure. It’s the pretreatment of some persistent stains before the beginning of steam or dry carpet cleaning. So, let us present you the professional product Prespray Gold 5L. It’s invented by experienced technicians who have made different experiments. As a result, all housekeepers may apply this prespray in order to fight the serious spots. Learn a little bit more and solve the problem with the cheeky stains:

  • It’s a very high concentrated and strong pre-spray cleanser for all pH sensitive, wet-cleanable carpets, rugs and upholstered fabrics. It’s also appropriate for wool, wool-mix materials. Clearly, it’s approved WoolSafe maintenance product.

  • What’s its colour and odour? The product is an amber liquid with nice lemon fragrance which makes it pleasant for use.

  • For most marvelous results, it’s recommended to call the professionals from Nice and Clean London and they will pretreat your fabrics with this high-quality detergent. After that professional steam or dry carpet cleaning will be performed.

  • Prespray Gold is created according to new advanced formula. It has high cleansing power but meanwhile a mild pH to cope with tough oily and greasy soil before the extraction rinsing.

  • Important – always pre-test your fabrics for colour fastness and texture change with diluted solution before proceeding, it’s essential to do so.

  • Fill in the diluted solution in suitable sprayer and treat the heavily soiled areas with a brush and white towel.

Finally! Your favourite carpet will look perfectly well, because all cheeky stains will be pretreated with Prespray Gold 5L. And the best part is that you can afford this high-quality product. Just apply this efficient solution and win the battle with the stubborn stains! Try it and feel the difference!

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