Preparation for school – funny and exciting

Preparation for schoolSummer is about to be gone and holidays, vacations and days-off will come to an end, as well. Adults go back to the office, while kids must prepare for going back to school. That’s the way it is and that is a constant circle. With a bit of nostalgia and summertime sadness, though, you will have to manage the preparation for school in your own home, too! Make it funnier and more exciting, so your kids may skip the bad mood part! Check out some ideas for preparing your kid and your home for the autumn and for the beginning of the schools season:

  • Put the preparation for school on pedestal – when the right time comes, leave everything in household behind. Make sure that all of your energy is put in this fascinating and really important moment in your house. Things like renovations, redecorations, carpet cleaning or acquiring some home improvement item may wait! School can’t wait and your kid should start it properly!

  • Sanitise the kid’s room, at first. Make the ordinary domestic regular cleaning and then light it up with some fresh thematic decors. Arrange school appliance and buy brand new sets of books, notebooks, pencils and etc. To cheer up your kids, choose items with their favourite cartoon character or let them make the selection by their own!

  • Create a future folder and decluttering organisation – your kid must be taught in advance how to keep everything in order. To reduce your domestic regular sanitising at home, try to make your children take care of their rooms. Add some storage solutions – compact cabinets, boxes with labels or original containers in different colours for different items!

  • Choose special dressing outfits for the occasion – except for making your kid a good present for a good start at home, you will teach him or her to be neat and well dressed for special events!

  • Divide the kid’s room in two parts – let the toys be away from the school items! Thus, you will teach your kids that the two activities are different. Children must get used to a new daily schedule – first homework, then playing!

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