Check out these decent coffee substitutes!

Coffee alternativesMost of us are used to start the day with a cup of coffee. Without this ritual hours pass somehow sluggish, halfhearted and spiritless. Is this discomfort caused by caffeine withdrawal or just confusion of our daily rhythm? It is difficult to say. The fact is that the habit seems to be much stronger than physical dependence. So if for any reason you should avoid caffeine (eg pregnancy or disease), see how you can replace this refreshing drink: Read more

Nuts you shouldn’t eat

Don't eat these nutsEvery nut is nutritional powerhouse with the size of a bite. Minerals, proteins, vitamins and vital oils are what makes nuts such a precious part of the healthy nutrition. Despite all this praising nuts can be bad friends in some conditions: Read more

Ideas For Carpet Cleaning With Materials At Hand!

Carpet cleaning ideasEco-friendly homes require eco-friendly purges and detergents. If you really want a fresh and green domestic space, then you need to learn all those rules and tips for achieving the toxic-free environment you want to live in. Though, bear in mind that if you follow the eco-friendly idea in your housekeeping, you need to apply it in every chore of yours and every single element of the interior must be also cleaned with green products. Thankfully, most of the ingredients you have in your own kitchen can actually do the entire dirty job, too! Speaking of all of these, we have come upon to this fantastic bunch of helpful ideas for carpet cleaning London with materials at hand. Read more

7 Extra Special Cleaning Hacks You Should Not Miss In Your Housekeeping Job!

7 cleaning tips and tricks you must knowHousekeeping job is a harsh job and if you are not harmed with the techniques and methods that will simplify it, you might never succeed to live in a healthy and neat domestic space. Thankfully, we are here to give you some really cool pieces of advice that will reduce your sanitising time and will get the best purity results ever! Read more

Anorexia – worrisome symptoms

Symptoms of anorexia“Anorexic” in Greek literally means loss of appetite. The name does not accurately reflect the nature of the disease. Leading in this case is not a lack of appetite, but desire to achieve a perfection, no matter how horrific it seems in the eyes of others. There are a few typical deviations in behavior that are a clear signal for problem. Read more

Fridge in the office – instructions for use

How to use office fridgeMany offices these days offer the convenience of the refrigerator. It’s very useful, because employees may bring some home made food. However, there are some rules, which must be followed when you use this kitchen appliance: Read more

How to deal with your tyrannical boss?

Tyrannical bossDo you have the misfortune to work with tyrannical boss? He ruthlessly humiliates you, anywhere, with or without occasion. He keeps his subordinates in fear and intimidates just by looking. You are wondering what to do? It is time for decisive action, so follow our tips: Read more

What are the main features of effective leaders?

How to recognize the effective  leaderLeaders are actually very complex persons. The leader must be naturally credible. He motivates his followers. First of all these people see a need, injustice or something that is important and needs to be changed for the better. As Martin Luther King saw the need for equality between black and white, the need for equal rights and the elimination of racism in America. Learn more about the characteristics of the leaders: Read more

All about mopping your floor

All yoy have to know about moppingMaybe you see mopping as a boring daily occurrence. But if you want to be an effective mopper, we have prepared something for you: Read more

How to wake up the child in yourself?

Save the child in youDo you remember your carefree and funny childhood full of wonderful stories and adventures? It would be much better if we allow in our lives to experience some moments in which to remember how it felt when we were kids. Here is what the kid in us tells us: Read more

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