Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning

Clean your bathroom - tips and tricks

Cleaning your bathroom is, without a doubt one of the least pleasant things to do at the weekend. Maintaining the walls, sink, showers curtains, and tiles can be a true nightmare, not to mention your busy schedule and family business. The bathroom’s tiles and the grout between the tiles accumulate a lot of dirt and because of the high humidity and warmth, mold and mildew may occur. Well, here are some useful tile and grout cleaning methods you can try the next time. Read more

How to Clean your Coffee Maker

Coffee maker cleaning tipsMost of us cannot start their day without a nice cup of coffee. Unfortunately, you should clean the coffee pot everytime you make a coffee. Well, let’s admit it, in most cases, you just rinse the pot and start brewing your coffee. With the time, your pot gets brown and worn out. Well, don’t you worry about that because with these two very simple but very effective methods you get your coffee pot sparkling clean in a matter of minutes. Read more

Health cares for your children

Grow healthy kidsHealthy habits are always formed in the child from a very early age. To teach the child a healthy diet is one of the first things that parents strive to teach their offspring. Good habits inherited from an early age contribute to the overall development of the child and make it a responsible person. Children need to be gently taught healthy habits, giving them the time and care to understand the importance of your task. Here are basic tips related to children’s health. In this way they will be able to care for themselves in old age. Read more

Survive without air conditioner

Alternative methods to cool and heat your homeToday people cannot believe that there are other people around the world that live without air conditioners. They have turned in such a vital necessity that every power break in the summer or in the winter makes us fall into desperation. What alterations to make in order to abandon the air conditioner? Read more

8 super tips when you prepare healthy food

Tips to use when prepare healthy foodThese practical tips will help you say goodbye to the stress caused by certain cooking activities, that are not always easy to implement. Ready to apply? Read more

What do you know about macadamia?

Macadamia - sacred nut Macadamia is known as the “Australian nut”, but is named after the Scottish chemist McAdam, who has cultivated and first described its beneficial properties. Macadamia is the most caloric nut, looking like something between walnut and hazelnut. The tree is reaching a height of 15 meters, with evergreen leaves. It grows mainly in Australia, Indonesia, New Caledonia and the Hawaiian Islands and is well known to the Australian aborigines for thousands of years. Indigenous population of Australia is taking macadamia as a valuable walnut and even sacred food. Read more

Do not throw away the peels of these fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable peels - what you have to know about themMost of us do not think for a moment, when it comes to whether to peeling of a fruit or vegetable. Undoubtedly, there are nitrates and they are not negligible, but if you are sure of the origin of the product, find out more about the advantages of eating it with the peel. Check out these useful peelings from fruit and vegetables: Read more

What happens to your body when you do not drink enough water

What happens to your body when you do not drink enough water
Everybody knows that human body is made of 2/3 or 66% of water. An average adult should consume at least 2 litres of water a day. However in a hot day or if you exercise and sweat a lot, you need to replenish the liquids you have lost during your physical activities. At the same time, many people believe that you can satisfy your thirst with consumption of sugary drinks. Soft drinks satisfy your thirst for a few minutes and then you will feel even more dehydrated and not to mention that a high sugar dosage spikes your insulin. Here are some more reasons why you should start consuming more water. Read more

Which plants to choose for your office?

Plants for the officeGreen plants in the office – it sounds wonderful, but not all plants can survive in the workplace. Some can not tolerate harmful radiation and dust, others require abounding watering and care that nobody can provide them, especially during the holidays. However, there are many plants, that seem to have been created for the office. Check out some of them: Read more

How to make your kids involved in home cleaning

Involve kids in cleaningRaising kids and making them responsible adults is a top priority for every parent. This is a challenging and yet rewarding mission and you should find the balance between being too strict and too permissive. Many parents believe that making their kids help with the house chores is an important component of their development and to a great extent, they are right. Here are some tips that might be helpful if you want your kids to help you clean the house. Read more

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