How to achieve a minimalist appearance without sacrificing your style

Minimalistic design for your home

The choice of a minimalist style interior has many advantages. In minimalism one should be better careful with home details, but this does not mean that the room should look like a white box. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve a minimalist look, without sacrificing individuality and style of a room: Read more

How to keep your cat busy when it’s home-alone

When the cat is home-alone...

Having a furry friend indoors is always a challenge. The most common questions are: “Is it reasonable to leave my cat home-alone all day while nobody’s there” and “What can I do to make my cat busy” These are very good questions because although cats need much less attention as compared to dogs, they can sometimes make a mess while you’re out. Well, some cat toys may help in the situation. Here are several ideas you can use. Read more

Smart alternatives to conventional coffee tables

Interesting coffee tables

Whether high or low, the coffee table is something one should be proud of. Some of the alternatives to the standard coffee table are universal, others are equipped with storage space, while others are made of old objects. What they have in common is their ability to attract attention and to be transformed into the focal point of the living room. Check out some ideas for smart alternatives to normal coffee tables: Read more

How to use the striped curtains as an accent in the interior

Striped curtains for your home

The curtains are a natural and easy way to bring change in your sweet home. We can easily add a fresh accent and new feeling in the room without having to make significant changes in furnishings. All you need to do is to select the appropriate set of drapes or curtains depending on your desire and taste. There is a great option that always gives irresistible results – striped curtains. How to use the striped curtains as an accent in the interior? Read more

How to make old clothes funny and original

Make something beautiful from old clothes and

If you look at your wardrobe you will see, that there are clothes that are nice, but already worn. You do not wear them, but you feel pity to throw them away. You can organize a woman’s wardrobe party and each of your girlfriends to bring some clothes to refresh and remodel them. Here are further details: Read more

How to care for the houseplants in winter conditions

Cares for houseplants in winter

Cares for indoor plants during the winter months are different compared to other seasons in the year, because the sun’s not shining so actively. In spring and summer, plants grow more visibly, while in the winter because of the rare meetings with sun, houseplants slow down their growth and development. During the winter months, you should water the plants less. Also you should not have to fertilize them often or to plant them out. Here are more tips: Read more

Ideas for total change of a room

Change the way your room looks

If you’re really bored from your home interior, it’s time for a complete makeover of at least one room. This will quickly eliminate the boredom and tension you experience every time you look at the familiar walls and interior. There is no need to spend a lot of money to transform your space with style. Here are some hacks: Read more

Most often forgotten objects in case of moving out

Moving out? Don't forget these things

The number of people who plan to move each year is very high. The whole process is extremely busy and in some ways depressing. So there are many things to think about how, where, when, all questions with unknown answers. According to statistics there are some items that are most often forgotten. In order to avoid wasting nerves, check out the following list: Read more

The importance of hormonal balance for your diet

Diet for hormonal balance

The desire to reduce weight makes you follow a strict diet and have a lot of sport. It turns out that some foods, although diet, change the hormonal balance of the body. The truth lies in certain food products that regulate hormones in the body and help fight obesity. Here are more details: Read more

How to avoid unhealthy foods when dining out

Dining out - can it be healthy?

For many of us, home made food is a luxury. With our busy lifestyle, there is not enough time to cook your own healthy meal and that’s why we often eat out. Some people dine out once a week, while others visit a restaurant every day. Most of the meals found in the menu of the restaurants contain unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that we should avoid. Here is a simple guide on how to keep away from these unhealthy foods. Read more

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