100% satisfaction after End of Tenancy Cleaning

100% satisfaction after End of Tenancy CleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning is a deep, top-to-bottom, and precise cleaning procedure that includes all of the premises. This type of cleaning has some special accents – such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the area around the bed. On the other hand, End of Tenancy Cleaning is not a standard Cleaning operation such as the On off Cleaning or Spring Cleaning (or even any other Seasonal Cleaning). Read more

Cool cleaning summer tips

Cool cleaning summer tips by Nice and Clean LondonYou are out of cleaning ideas? Maybe you don’t know how to start, you feel confused and tired from the boring household tasks. You definitely need something fresh and new to motivate you?

Well, then this article is just for you. Read it and have fun, here you will find some of the coolest, most fresh and refreshing ideas for home cleaning. They will bring back your cheerful mood and the smile on your face, once you try them: Read more

Best music to play while cleaning

Best music to play while cleaningI have heard somewhere that knitting calms down some people. To tell you the truth, I haven’t tried that mostly because I can’t knit. What about the house cleaning? Does it calm nerves as well? I hardly think so.

I really don’t like cleaning and especially dislike the dusting. It’s awful and boring. If you agree with me and have the same feelings towards dusting and cleaning altogether, just read the next rows.

As I already said, I dislike cleaning. It was surprising to find out, though, that there are some songs that go very well with the different cleaning tasks. Read more

Baby on the way – get the room prepared

Baby on the wayFor every parents, the baby is the king or queen at home! As such – the baby deserves the best room, the best decoration, the best care possible.

Everyone wants to make the baby’s room cosy, here are some ideas:

First of all, you need to choose the colour for the nursery. Do not tend to choose the most popular colours as – blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Read more

Have a nice and clean home every day

Nice and clean homeHaving a clean and tidy home can be a very challenging task, having in mind how busy everyone is nowadays at work. Follow these thee advises and make your life easier:

  1. Rather than throwing away the old kitchen apron, that you once used while cooking – use it for cleaning – fill its pockets with
    the necessary detergents and sponges and it will prevent you from repeatedly go back and forth to get them. Read more

Freshen up the kitchen for the spring

Kitchen refreshmentWith the first more intense sun rays of the spring, all of us start thinking of how to change themselves positively and most of us use this time of the year to detox and clean the body from the accumulated toxins during the winter.

Some of us start doing some physical exercises, jogging, yoga, fitness etc. Other practice some detox diet using mostly lemons and lemonade to clean the body from the toxins. Read more

Funny Home cleaning tips

Funny house cleaningWhat do you feel when the time for cleaning comes? Do you try to search some other things to do in order to avoid this overwhelming household task?

The truth is that home cleaning can be very frustrating and annoying. But if you know how to make it more interesting…the picture will definitely change. Read more

Attention in the bathroom during the End of Tenancy Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning during end of tenancy cleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning demands a sophisticated approach. It is not only about being polite to your previous host by returning the property reputable and immaculate – the way you got it in the beginning.

It is also about returning your tenancy deposit and put an end to the tenant relationship with good manners.

So, that is why, you have to be extremely attentive during the End of tenancy refreshment operation. Make sure, that not even a single stain remains behind you and try to polish the surfaces perfectly and vigorously! Read more

Your home needs One off cleaning?! Problem solved!

Your home needs One off cleaning?! Problem solved!Spring is here! The sun is shining brightly and it’s bringing a smile to your face. You think nothing can ruin your good mood, but ..wait!

Think again!Nothing?!

I am not so sure. The only thing that probably could ruin my shining smile is the thought of the annual deep spring cleaning. Read more

Top five mistakes everybody makes in cleaning

  1. Five mistakes in cleaningYou scrub wine stains out of your carpet

Usually when you accidentally spill a glass of red wine on your new, wonderful carpet, you get so angry and desperately try to scrub it out of your carpet. You are so busy to scrub, that you miss the question – Don’t you do bigger damage to the carpet? Actually scrubbing stains out of your carpet often damages and untwists the carpet fibres. The solution?!

Read more

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