How to clean an iron

Cleaning the ironIt is really unpleasant when while ironing your clothes get dirty and spotty and you can even wear them before laundering all over again. The reason for this, of, course, is residue on the soleplate of your iron. Below are some really easy and effective procedures how to clean your iron and especially its soleplate. Read more

Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 2

Cleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDuring the domestic cleaning, you often can not reach some places in your home. If you want a basic and deep tidying of your lodging, it often requires moving the furniture. This requires time and efforts.

Save yourself all this tension using small, compact and clever gadgets for cleaning hard to reach places. Read more

Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 1

Gleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDomestic cleaning often requires to tidy areas that are hard to reach – behind the closet, blinds, chandeliers and etc. It’s not necessary to be the rubber woman to clean your house. However, with the cleaning should not be made a compromise. That’s why the market offers several contemporary cunning attributes for cleaning hard to reach places. Most cleaning accessories are based on modern microfiber fabric, whose porous structure absorbs water quickly and cleans surfaces well. Read more

Thrifty tenants save money on energy bills

Tenants save money on energyWho says that living on rent is trouble-free and happy-go-lucky? If you are a tenant, you will definitely agree with that. Rents are expensive nowadays, plus you must pay all your bills too. If your salary disappears only in a few days and you’re constantly facing financial issues, don’t despair. Maybe you will appreciate some saving tips. Read more

After Carpet cleaning – what’s next?

After Carpet cleaning It is good and recommended to maintain your beautiful carpets in nice, hygienic and fresh condition. For this purpose you need to be aware of the most appropriate cleansing solution that will fit your rug structure, material, design and situation in the living environment. For instance, rugs in high traffic areas deserve some extra attention and more sanitising efforts. Though, washing is not enough. Read more

Easter outdoors celebration – good tips you can use!

Tips for Easter outdoor celebrationEaster is right just the corner and you must have been recently wondering how to make this year’s holiday a bit more original and exciting than the previous time.

Well, let us give you one good, easy and budget-friendly idea that your entire family probably will like – Easter celebration at the outdoors. In case you have no idea how to throw a party in the patio or how to transfer the Easter traditions outwards, here are our good tips you can use: Read more

5 wonderful suggestions for home spring plants

Home spring plantsSpring is a good occasion to refresh your living environment. The sunlight, the arrival of the new life of the nature and the amazing weather are great inspirations for some little addition for your house decoration. And aren’t the real flowers the best ideas for some spring ornamenting of the living space? Read more

Fast tricks and safe approach into cleaning the patio

Cleaning the patioGiving your outdoor area a quick, but effective cleanup is essential and recommended. Leaving your patio in a total mess in the expense of the perfect hygiene inside the house is neither optimal, nor wise!

As you know the beauty and the perfection usually depend on the least details. Read more

Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids

Mother's Day Ideas for KidsEven though being determined as a World Woman’s Day, 30th March is mostly and actually the big day of the Mother.

The commercialising of this holiday is not that bad, because any single lady may feel special and loved on this day. Though, the one, who really deserves the attention on 30th March is actually the kind, generous, loving and good Mom. Read more

Let’s polish silver at home – brilliant ideas!

Polishing silver at home - brilliant ideasIt may sound as a truly scary and risky task, but polishing silver is actually truly easy! All you need is to know the right technique and the most appropriate approach into your personal silver belonging refreshment. We would like to stop your panic, when it comes to silver washing! That is why we give you a couple of brilliant ideas that will end your silver polishing delay! So – let’s polish the silver at home in no time! Read more

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