Nuts you shouldn’t eat

Don't eat these nutsEvery nut is nutritional powerhouse with the size of a bite. Minerals, proteins, vitamins and vital oils are what makes nuts such a precious part of the healthy nutrition. Despite all this praising nuts can be bad friends in some conditions:

  1. During diet: pecans and macadamia. These two kinds of nuts contain over twenty grams of ¬†fat per ounce and two hundred calories for the same quantity. The bad combination continues with the lowest content of protein among the nuts. If you don’t want to ruin your diet eat less of them and don’t forget that they should be raw and unsalted.

  2. Coated peanuts. One of the worst combinations is salty peanuts with caramel or chocolate. You sure guess we imply Sneakers here. This will give you bunch of calories you cannot burn and unhealthy fats, that will stick inside your arteries. Better replace them with glazed nuts that are all natural. For their sweetening is used tapioca syrup and cane juice. They are full of energy and low in sugar: perfect snack for your next carpet cleaning.

  3. Hot, BBQ, spicy. These three flavors on any nut mean high sodium intake. Try replacing them with raw almonds, walnuts or pistachios. Or at least with lightly flavored version that you can make at home.

  4. Nut butter with hydrogenated fats. Many favorite brands are now clean of trans fats but still contain hydrogenated ones (Nutella and Skippy’s Peanut Butter). Replace them with butter that has less ingredients, if possible: only salt and nuts. Remember that these butters should stay in fridge to keep them from oily separation and rancidity. If you have peanut butter left, offer it to the people that do your domestic cleaning services instead of leather furniture gloss. They just need to put it on with circular motions and to remove it gently with rag. You can do it with your shoes too.

All doctors advice: eat nuts, enjoy nuts! Just keep the doses!


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