Natural tricks to remove the ants from your home

Remove ants from homeMaintaining your living environment clean, lovely and fresh is a harsh task to accomplish. Moreover, such a mission is difficult, because it consists of several obligations you have and they are not exactly closely connected with some purges on daily business and deeper disinfection once in a while.

In some really bad cases you will also have to get rid of the pests and they are really common to housing in England – including London.Though, you must already know this, but what you probably do not know is how to get rid of them. See now some awesome and truly effective tricks to remove the ants from your home:

  • Cucumbers – were you aware that ants just hate the cucumbers. These vegetables may contain 90% water in their ingredients; however, they are not the most favorable things and products to the ants. Just put some cucumbers around the corners and entry cracks. Ants will avoid and never pass them through!

  • The baby powder is the other natural and eco-friendly product that ants will definitely not include in their own “living environment”. Find the source of the pests in your home and cover it with this child’s cosmetic good and prevent the next invasion of ants!

  • To deal with the ants forever, though, use the chilly pepper smell! Yes, ants disgusted by the cayenne exotic aroma and they will go away forever. This product may be not your favorite method for bad odor removal in the regular domestic cleaning at home, but it will do great job for your pest removal action!

  • Speaking of sanitising at home, one interesting cleaning formula may also be useful in your domestic fight against the ants. Here is how to make it: mix cold water and white vinegar in proportion of 2:1, pour 10 drops of the super healthy green tea tree oil and transfer the liquid into a spray bottle. Disinfect the areas at home against both – the ants and the germs!

  • Last, but not least do not forget the carpet maintenance, either! Ants love to hide in high traffic places and in areas, where a lot of “hidden” dirtiness and especially dust or mud is spread.

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