Moving into a new place? – some useful cleaning tips

Moving Into A New PlaceYou’re at a stage of your life when you are a student moving from one place to another.

The reason might be that you are looking for a more comfortable and a better – furnished apartment or one of your roommates moved out and you can not afford to pay the rent anymore.

The list of reasons is too long, but the important thing here is not how many times you have moved in and out, or how to rent an apartment, but how to clean your new place properly ?

During my education I have lived in three apartments and in my personal opinion the feeling of moving into a new apartment could be both exciting and discouraging at the same time.

The moment when you walk into your new place and you suddenly notice all the “dirty” details – the floor is really dusty – you can see your steps, there is mold on the bathroom ceiling, the kitchen drawers have some strange odor and so on, and so on. But what do you expect- other people have lived there and they obviously haven’t been keen on cleaning.

Do not panic- I have some really useful tips for you!

  1. Clean the floor, even the hidden corners – firstly use a vacuum cleaner and then use a mop. Be careful what kind of cleaning detergent you buy when it comes to wooden floor. Normal soaps or detergents can ruin it
  2. Get a window cleaner and spray, then wipe, then spray again – repeat that until the windows start shining
  3. In order to disinfect your kitchen, start with your sink – clean it with soap and water first, then spray a mist of vinegar spray – it does miracles.
  4. Wash the bathroom ceiling with a cleaning solution of mild detergent and warm water to remove the mold and then clean with bleach or other special cleaning detergent.
  5. The ultimate , but still the best and easiest solution – hire professionals!
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