Motivation according the “Do something” strategy

How to motivateThese days there are hundreds of articles containing advices about motivation, ambitions and purpose in life. What’s the reality, though? Most people are captured by everyday life and they only think how to earn money to cover their expenses. What happens however, if your only motivation is the salary? You are lost in the routine and all the things you do are coloured in grey nuances. Perhaps, there are little exceptions from this rule – the people of art. It’s hard to believe, that they are constantly inspired, but at least one thing’s sure – they really love what they do, they are creative and sometimes even extravagant. Well, let’s talk a little bit about motivation:

  • The first framework is Emotional Inspiration → Motivation → Desirable Action. Everything begins with our emotions. Usually when we feel inspired about something at emotional level, we find the necessary motivation, which leads to the desirable action. What about negative emotion and fear. Have you ever thought that these feelings also lead to undertaking some actions. For instance, your teenage daughter performs carpet cleaning London  in her room, because she is afraid of your anger.

  • Let’s take a look to another chain – Action → Inspiration → Motivation. If you find in yourself the power to take some action (anything, no matter at all), this may lead you to a surprising change. You can feel the motivation for another action and little by little to achieve your long-term goal. Here we talk about, the “Do something” principle, formulated by Mark Manson.

  • In order to support this strategy, let’s remember what math teachers say. If we can’t solve a problem, we have to start writing something, so our brain will start to figure out the necessary solution step by step. Well, if you are stressed and anxious about the upcoming end of tenancy cleaning London, start by simple packing of your stuff and you will see how you will feel a little bit more motivated.

What about you? Can you share your secrets about motivation?

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