Most often forgotten objects in case of moving out

Moving out? Don't forget these things

The number of people who plan to move each year is very high. The whole process is extremely busy and in some ways depressing. So there are many things to think about how, where, when, all questions with unknown answers. According to statistics there are some items that are most often forgotten. In order to avoid wasting nerves, check out the following list:

  • Copies of important documents. Collect absolutely all copies of medical examinations. Keep them, because you never know when and what exactly you will need. This also applies to dental pictures. If you can’t find such copies, stop by with your doctor and ask him to provide you with all documents. The other equally important are those copies of school confirming completion of the school year of your kids. They will be needed in case of enrolling in a new school.

  • Your home plants. When you are in a hurry and you expect the visit of the end of tenancy cleaners Battersea, the last thing you think about are your plants. However, you have always taken care of them and you’d love to watch them in your new home. Prepare them carefully and take them with you.

  • Cleaning detergents. In case you perform the final disinfecting on your own, you will use the sanitising tools and supplies in the last moments too. Very often people pack all their stuff and leave the property without these cleaning tools and supplies. They cost money and they will be useful for the new lodgings too.

  • Old books. Every book is a little treasure, don’t forget that. Before you leave, have a final look for hidden books in some drawers. In addition, no matter if the book is interesting or not, you can put it in your collection. Who knows, maybe someone of your friends will like and will want to read it.

  • Little rugs. Even if they look old, damaged and discolored, they belong to you. In addition, don’t forget that nowadays you can easily find a reliable and professional carpet cleaning company Balham. Experts they will examine the fabrics and will apply the most appropriate sanitizing techniques.

Well, now you know which are the most often forgotten belongings by ex-tenants. Watch out when you pack your stuff.

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