Mistakes we do when we move in

Mistakes by moving inThe moment is coming; probably you have waited for it with a little fear and anticipation. Here it is – it’s time to move out from your old home and move in into the new one. Even the greatest organisers have issues so we will take a look at some of the mistakes we all do when we move from here to there.

  • Paperwork undone. Although you may have chosen a home and you are getting to move in it, you haven’t checked the papers carefully. This can result in beneficial for the landlord contract, no return of the deposit or you can face force major move out. Depends on the clauses in the contract. Read carefully and ask if you spot issues!

  • Hiring wrong mover. Moving scams happens not only in films. If you don’t check the company you may end up without your furniture and clothes. Check online, in registers and through friends, family and colleagues who you are entrusting your belongings.

  • Late or early. Anything can happen that can make you delay your moving out (sick child in the last moment, emergency meeting, etc.). And the same can happen to the previous occupants of your new home.

  • Calculation mistake. Not everything is money but money is important. If you don’t check the prices and fees, you can end up paying times and times more that you could have paid with a little more effort.

  • Too much luggage. Do you really need all the things from your previous house? If you don’t, get rid of the old, the broken and the worthless. You will lose time (for packing), money (for the mover) and space (in the new place). Good domestic cleaners know that the secret of the clean home is throwing out and not getting attached to things.

  • Last moment packing. Here you have two options: either you will be late or you will forget something. Both happening together is also very common case.

  • No insurance. Although sometimes it may seem it is extra money for nothing, in the moving process you can save more by insuring your belongings. Car crashes, two left handed movers or even frauds can turn your moving in into a nightmare.

  • Not checking if tenancy cleaning is planned in the contract. Does your landlord should clean the place after the previous tenants? If it’s not mentioned in the contract or elsewhere you can end up in a sty with no place to put your furniture and else before you do all that cleaning work yourself.

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