Minimise the heat at home

Summer heat - how to minimize the heatIt’s very unpleasant to come back in a hot house where you hardly breathe. But there are ways to expel the heat from your home. These ways are very, very simple:

  • Tightly close doors and windows, especially if the property is west or east. In both cases, the sun will be shining directly into the balcony or windows – in the afternoon or in the morning. Before leaving for work, make sure that there is no where hot air to enter while you’re gone. If you have blinds (most effective remain roller blinds and skylights) or awning – drop them.

  • When you get the evening, wait heat to fully pass, ie about 6-7 pm, and only then open windows to enter air. And if you have a balcony, it is even better to pour a bowl of water on it. Very often heated area outside the room immediately adds the heat to inside.

  • Light airy curtains replace with darker and thicker ones. If in winter and spring you invite sun through them, in summer they are not necessary. You will feel the change immediately. The room will become darker, but it will also reduce your inner feeling of heat in case you spend the summer days at home.

  • If you work at home or for some other reason you are at home in the big heat, you should consider some other minor tricks.

  • Do not drink ice liquids – low degrees will cause the body to produce more energy to equalize temperatures. And this is not the desired effect, right? Even your end of tenancy cleaners London will say No to an icy juice, because they can catch cold.

  • Pick the right clothes at home. All fashion companies have entire collections of such clothes – for home and leisure. They are made of natural fabrics, loose around the body and pleasing to the eye designs and patterns. The fabrics are very important for body comfort.

  • Forget the cooking when the day is very hot! Carpet cleaning London may be also postponed.

Don’t forget to drink enough water when the weather is hot.

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