Make your home live with the art of “Papier-mache”

art of “Papier-mache”Papier – mache is a technique whereby you make new items with cheap materials. Generally the technique consists of sticking pieces of paper on various objects. The glue that you use is a mixture of flour and water. After gluing pieces of paper over the entire surface of the object, let it dry. Move the dry figure from the object and paint it with different decorations.

The art of “Papier – mache” comes from French and literally means chewed paper. In Ancient Egypt, papier-mache was used to make coffins and death masks. In the Middle and Far East it has been used for small painted boxes or cases. This practice was spread in Persia and Kashmir. Soldiers in China and Japan used this to decorate their shields. Much later, this art appeared in Europe, where it served as a cheap substitute for various architectural whims.

If you want to “spice up” your home decor, papier – mache is a good choice. Here are some simple ideas on how to make new and colourful figures.

  • Prepare your workplace: It is important to highlight that before you start working with this interesting technique, you should cover your work area with old newspapers or cloths, in order to avoid contaminating the floor and carpet in your home. Beware of your work environment or you may need professional carpet cleaning.

  • Boot – shaped pencil box: Take a kid rubber boot and stick small pieces of paper on the whole surface without the bottom. After wrapping the paper, let it dry. Then, remove the boot. Your pencil box still has no sole. Take a cardboard and cut it into the size of the boot bottom. Stick two parts of the boot and paint it with tempera. You already have a Boot – shaped pencil box.

  • Fruit bowl: Take a plain glass bowl. Cut old newspapers into small pieces. Make a mixture of flour, water and a little sugar – it is your glue. Take an old paintbrush with a large base. With a brush and glue, apply the small pieces of paper on the bowl until you see a thickness of 1 cm. Leave your creation to dry for at least 1 day. Once you removed the bowl, draw it inside and outside with tempera paints. Once dried, paint the bowl and glaze the whole surface with a nail polish. Thus, it will be smoothed and not leaking.

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