Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 2

Cleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDuring the domestic cleaning, you often can not reach some places in your home. If you want a basic and deep tidying of your lodging, it often requires moving the furniture. This requires time and efforts.

Save yourself all this tension using small, compact and clever gadgets for cleaning hard to reach places.

  • Foxglove cleaning: To sanitise small items at home, such as figurines, monitors or narrow shelves, you can use this practical thimble. You put your fingers in it and can clean with the both sides of the gadget – the soft ‘cloth’ or microfiber surface.

  • Soft accessory for disinfecting: This brush has a comfortable wooden handle with hole for hanging. Nozzle cleaning is made ​​entirely from sheep’s wool. It easily captures dirt and can be washed with mild shampoo or dish soap.

  • Tool with feathers: Made of ostrich feathers, this tool reaches almost every corner of the room, removing the dirt and cobwebs. The nozzle can be cleaned with water and mild soap.

  • Tool with folding handle: The accessory has a comfortable handle that bends at an angle to reach difficult places of dwelling. The handle can be extended. The tip of the accessory is microfiber and it easily cleans all surfaces. Washing also becomes very easy. The edges of the base of the brush bend to clean floor sills with ease.

  • Dual microfiber tool: Bilateral tool has flexible base and a dual function – soft surface for dust and microfiber surface for impurities. The nozzle of this handheld accessory sanitizes surfaces with movements, without the use of chemicals and detergent. Double face fabric does remove easily for washing.

  • Cleaning gloves: The combination of cleaning cloth and glove accessory combines comfort and technology. Put the cleaning glove on your hand and move it on the surface, by selecting one of the two options – soft tendrils or microfiber. Glove is easy to be disinfected in the washing machine and can be used repeatedly. Surfaces of the gloves allow sanitising without agents.

These tools come in many varieties, sizes and materials. It’s only a matter of preferences and needs to choose those who will be the best for your regular domestic cleaning.

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