Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 1

Gleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDomestic cleaning often requires to tidy areas that are hard to reach – behind the closet, blinds, chandeliers and etc. It’s not necessary to be the rubber woman to clean your house. However, with the cleaning should not be made a compromise. That’s why the market offers several contemporary cunning attributes for cleaning hard to reach places. Most cleaning accessories are based on modern microfiber fabric, whose porous structure absorbs water quickly and cleans surfaces well. Read more:

  • Cleaning slippers: For effortless floor cleaning at home, you can use these practical shoes. They are open at the front and with cleaning fringes of the sole. You clean floor in your home, while you are walking in it. Soles are easy removable for washing.

  • Flexible tool for cleaning: Long and flexible brush to reach inaccessible places at home, such as places under furniture and between cabinets and walls. Its flat surface removes dirt from narrow crevices, without having to move furniture to clean them. The accessory can be used wet or dry.

  • Microfiber tool extension: Dual accessory for cleaning with attachments of microfiber and ostrich feathers. Telescopic handle extends to 4.5 meters. Attachments are for different surfaces – microfiber bend angle and it’s suitable for cleaning hard edged; the brush is for skimming the cobwebs and attachment with ostrich feathers cleans the chandeliers.

  • Practical accessory for cleaning blinds: This tool saves hours of cleaning blinds, strip by strip and clean a part on both sides for seconds. With one movement, you can knock the dirt entirely on two horizontal strips of blinds.

  • Attic tool: For high ceiling-mounted fans there is a special tool. You don’t need to climb on tables and chairs, with the risk to fall down. The accessory has a cleaning nozzle, which can include details of a width up to 15 centimeters. Cleaning is bilateral, with one movement; a major role plays the static electricity, which the nozzle creates.

  • Rotary Tool: A convenient set of multiple sizes brushes whose main advantage is that they are rotated. They are saving efforts in cleaning the surfaces. Battery-powered brushes rotate axially to engage and retain the dirt. They come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for cleaning computer and keyboard, the cabinets and shelves, furniture and even narrow vessels.

These cute little gadgets will definitely make your life easier during the regular domestic cleaning of hardly available places.

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